On October 22, 2021, the Province of Ontario announced the lifting of capacity limits in the majority of facilities where proof of vaccination is required (as of October 25, 2021). Effective, Friday, October 29th the following changes will take place at the QSWC.

  • Full capacity permitted in the facility (face coverings required unless exempted)
  • 100% capacity in dressing rooms (face coverings required up until the helmet is put on)
  • Dressing room showers available with capacity limits to allow for 6 feet physical distancing (required as patrons will not be wearing a face covering)
  • Teams can come in 30 minutes before their booking and be out 30 minutes after their booking (was previously 15 minutes out). They are not required to leave the building but must be out of the dressing rooms in that time.
  • Food/Drink permitted - face coverings can be removed temporarily to eat/drink but must be put back on as soon as possible
  • Existing capacity limits in our Fall B courses, pool programs and the FDC Track will remain the same
  • For contact tracing, the teams will continue to screen/contact trace their players. For all other parent/guardian and spectators, groups/teams must provide a copy of who is in attendance or each parent/guardian/spectator must fill out the log book upon entry. Staff/security will verify proof of vaccination/ID and ask the screening questions.

As a reminder, all those entering the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre are required to show proof of vaccination and identification upon entry each time they come into the facility.