Posted by the City of Belleville - July 13, 2020

The City of Belleville is pleased to announce that residents will soon be able to obtain information and interact online with the City as never before on their new, up-to-date, accessible website. Months of preparation have resulted in exciting results and the City is now prepared to launch the fresh site and an additional three microsites, which include Glanmore National Historic Site, Community Archives and the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre (QSWC).

The sites will be revealed in a rolling launch format. QSWC will lead the unveiling with a Monday, July 13th launch, followed by Glanmore National Historic site on Tuesday and Community Archives will go live on Wednesday. The City’s main site ( will launch the first week of August. Residents can now enjoy the convenience of connecting with the City of Belleville from any device with these fully responsive sites.

Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre:
Individuals are able to subscribe for news and updates, calendars and page features. Although QSWC is currently closed to the public with the suspension of most programs and rentals due to COVID-19, this new site will be an effective way to share updates as services reopen.

Glanmore National Historic Site:
For the first time Glanmore visitors will be able to pre-book their admission tickets online. This ticket capability is key to their ability to reopen this week. COVID-19 has necessitated the modification of summer hours and services for self-guided tours and the public will be required to book their visit time. The new site includes an online database where photographs and information regarding many of the museum’s collections can be viewed.

Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County:
The new site provides easy access to our region’s digital historical photographs, maps and documents. A new companion site at holds information about the experiences of local people during the First World War.

An intrinsic focus in the development of the sites was to ensure they were structurally, functionally and visually, user friendly for people with disabilities. The websites and web content are fully compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers and keyboard navigation. They are responsive and will adjust according to the user’s device or display choice. Adjustable font sizes enable readers to enlarge the type size on the pages. Residents can enjoy the convenience of increased accessible online services, such as online fillable forms, applications, and numerous purchase / payment options.

The City strives to improve interaction with Belleville residents on an ongoing basis and the development of these sites is to ensure residents are able to access information and connect with the City in a positive, timely manner. Public feedback is welcome and we encourage you to share your new site navigating experiences.